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Fytokem products are based upon the plants of the northern Canadian prairie region. This large region is home to an abundance of unique plants that thrive amidst the rolling prairies, the vast forests and fresh, glacial-fed waterways. It is also home to not only a number of animal and unique plants but also of the First Nations peoples who have depended on the resources of this region for food, clothing, shelter and medicine for thousands of years.

Fytokem products are aimed at the personal care industry, which includes skincare, haircare, personal hygiene, fragrance and makeup consumer goods. The growth in this industry is attributable to increasing consumer demand for products that work. Consumers today are also actively seeking products that are also more natural in orientation as they are perceived to be less harmful. Fytokem answers this need through the discovery, development and commercialization of plant-based ingredient products. The anti-irritant and skin whitening agent segments are two markets that Fytokem has successfully targeted.

A large number of personal care products use an anti-irritant agent as one of the ingredients, mainly for two reasons. First, many ingredients used in the formulation of personal care products are by nature irritating and this imparted effect needs to be counteracted. Second, they are required to mitigate any irritation from external causes such as excessive exposure to the sun.

Even though the desire for lightening or whitening ones skin would not seem to be common, closer examination reveals that it is found in almost every culture. In western civilization, demand for skin-lightening products is driven by those wanting therapeutic treatments for age spots and other skin discolorations. In Asia however, where the ultimate image of beauty consists of white and flawless skin, the demand is driven by culture itself.

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Canadian Willowherb™

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*FRS = free radical scavenger

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